Catalyst Entertainment

Catalyst Entertainment is one the UK’s fastest growing music management companies home to some of the most talented unsigned musicians. Our aim is to install the same ambition and ethos into every team member, from the artist to the head of PR, team work makes your dreams work.

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“I would rather write 64 bars of lyrics that would entice an entire generation than write 640 words on Law that would probably bore even the tutor that was marking it.


Home to one of the most controversial yet unique life stories for a UK Hip Hop act known to the industry. Skinz has not been home for Christmas since the age of 12, given a life sentence for something he truly regrets.


A young, ambitious British Asian artist from Birmingham who's love and passion for Grime has taken the scene by storm causing a fast a dramatic hype in the scene under the space of a year.

Super Beats

When ever you hear a Super beat, it does not just make you nod your head, it takes you on a journey of emotion, like you are sitting in the front row of a 3D Speilberg film. It truly is like a movie.

Tee L

Tee-L. A very simplistic epithet for a very complex and diverse individual. Born, bred and residing in Derby, UK this eclectic music producer has a unparalleled style of making beats which incorporate a wide variety of influences.